2016 UBC Admissions Predictor

This little app attemps to predict your admissions chances for a number of Ontario law schools based on your cGPA and LSAT scores. 122 data points from lawstudents.ca from 2011-2016 were used to create this model. Its accuracy is by no means warranted and the data points are not generalizable.

Your cGPA should be on the UBC scale, in percentage format. If you need help calculating it, use this tool.

By using this website, you acknowledge that the information given herein is provided as-is for your information only and it should not be used to make life-altering decisions. None of the data presented is guaranteed to be accurate.

Also keep in mind that using weird cGPA and LSAT combinations (like super low scores for both or one) will result in strange results. The model assumes a relatively even distribution for both.

Below is a chart of the mean, median, and minimum accepted LSAT, index score, and cumulative GPA for UBC.
Mean Accepted Median Accepted Minimum Accepted
School cGPA LSAT Index cGPA LSAT Index cGPA LSAT Index
UBC 84.62 167.22 92.46 84.96 167 92.26 75 155 90.50